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Warmwater Fly-Fishing

Review by Joe Cornwall


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Rob Streeter is a man after my own heart.  He is an outdoor communicator, author of New York Fly-Fishing Guide, and a frequent contributor to American Angler magazine.  More than that, Rob is a fellow who thought self-publishing a book about fly fishing in the warm water environment was not only a good idea, but something he was willing and able to tackle.  A project like that takes heart, confidence, and just enough innocence to believe that the world still rewards hard work and honest effort.  For Rob's sake (and my own) I hope that's true.  He deserves reward for sharing his insight, knowledge and experiences with us in the form of this book.


Warmwater Fly-Fishing is a concise exploration of fishing for everything from perch to pike.  The book uses the common formula of providing an introduction, discussing gear selection and then moving onto the author's specific observations about fishing techniques and opportunities.  Spanning 10 chapters and a little over 150 pages, the closing chapter features a selection of flies - some of which are quite unusual!  I am especially fond of the "Backcountry Frog," which makes use of an offset Gamakatsu worm hook and attaches the body of the bug via a wire tether. It looks wonderfully weedless and completely unique.  I can't wait to give this pattern a try in the salad that grows thick through the summer on some of my favorite small ponds. 


Warmwater Fly-Fishing takes many of the roads less traveled. Nearly any book that discusses freshwater fishing will have a chapter on bass and another on bluegill.  A majority may even discuss pike and muskie. But Streeter doesn't stop there.  Among the topics included are an in-depth discussion of carp, a detailed discourse on crappie, and a fair exploration of walleye.  Streeter even finds the space to provide an overview of shad and striped bass!


I can heartily recommend this book to anyone new to fly fishing or new to the warm water experience. For your investment you'll come away with a solid understanding of the basics that will help you get more from your time on the water.  If you are an expert angler and you've "been there, done that," this book is unlikely to break any new ground.  That said, you should read it anyway.  A diversity of opinion is the fertile soil from which new ideas emerge.  I think my fishing library would be poorer if this volume were missing.


Warmwater Fly-Fishing (ISBN 0-9791106-0-3) is available through your local book store and fly shop, or you through the author directly at www.robstreeter.com.

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