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Kaufman Field Guide To Insects of North America

By Eric R. Eaton and Kenn Kaufman


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The Kaufaman Field Guides are known as "the easiest guides for fast identification," and the Kaufmann Field Guide to Insects of North America is no exception.  So says the press release, and so it is.  Who hasn't seen a copy of the Kaufman Field Guide to Birds or Butterflies?  The biggest difference between those and this is that this book will entertain you while it makes you a better angler!



Knowing what insect you are looking at can tell you a lot about the conditions of the stream or pond.  Knowing the mayfly pictured above is a Hexagenia can alert you to awesome nymph fishing for bluegills in late June and July.  Correctly Identifying insects can point you in the right direction for finding the preferred habitat of the bugs - and since fish invariably follow food you'll find your best shot at great fishing where the bugs like to be.  The Kaufman Guide will help you do that.

There are no confusing classifications or technical anatomical sketches to wade through.  The book is designed to let you look for an insect that has the same general characteristics as the one you want to identify and then narrow the likely identification to a level that will get you in the ballpark.  Exact identification can then be pursued, if one is so inclined, at a later time when the fishing is over!


The guide is sized just right to fit into a vest pocket and is packed with more than two thousand (yes, thousand!) images.  For this field guide, Kaufmann joined forces with entomologist Eric R. Eaton, who has worked at the Cincinnati Zoo as well as on contract for the Smithsonian Institution and other organizations.  Instead of focusing on insects that can be differentiated only under a microscope, this guide relies on what Eaton and Kaufman call "naked-eye entomology" - treating the insects that you are most likely to notice through simple observation. 


This is a neat reference for the curious fisherman and a vital tool for the serious angler.  Do yourself a favor and drop a copy of this into your fishing kit.  You'll find yourself becoming a lot more aware of the environment around you and that will certainly make you more effective on the water.


Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America is available from Houghton Mifflin for $18.95.  ISBN 978-0-618-15310-7

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