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Fly Box Porn  ─  Part One

Mike Schmidt of Angler's Choice Flies

Smallmouth Streamer Box

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Clouser Darter

2 colors of calf tail

2 or 3 colors of Krystal Flash or Mirage

-Lead barbell eyes


Due to the flash in this pattern it tends to be less successful in clear water conditions, but does extremely well in stained water. With the weight on this fly it can be effectively crawled on the bottom or strip-swung through the water column.



Clouser Minnow

-2 colors of bucktail

-Krystal Flash or Mirage in a complimentary color

-Painted lead eyes in a complimentary color

-thread to match the top color of bucktail


This is the classic all-around pattern. It can be sized differently to cover nearly any water clarity or fish species. The colors and retrieval of this pattern can be changed to match anything in the river from craws to baitfish. This pattern is effectively fished in any type of water from slow to fast current.


Double Bunny

-2 colors of rabbit fur

-3D doll eyes

This pattern is excellent in slow water or still water such as lakes or ponds. The hair has excellent movement even with an apparent lack of current. This pattern seems to be most effective when fished at the extremes; either quick stripped back to the rod to imitate a fleeing baitfish, or twitched in place as it flutters down through the column imitating a wounded baitfish.


Foxee Red Clouser

-Red Fox tail

-Red lead barbell eyes

-Copper Krystal Flash

-Brown rubber legs

-Burnt orange or brown thread

This is the most consistent early season crayfish pattern that I fish. When fished using 4-6" quick strips or finger crawled across the bottom it is almost too easy...



-Rabbit fur

-Complimentary color calf tail

-Lead barbell eyes

This pattern is deadly when fished on the bottom using short jerky retrieves. The rabbit fur exaggerates the movement of a jerky retrieve and incite hits even from the most hesitant fish.


Rabbit Collar Meatwhistle

-Rabbit fur

-Rubber legs

-Krystal Flash

-Lead wraps

-Lead conehead

John Barr's pattern, with my small change of a rabbit collar instead of marabou to cause more of a splat on the water, which is the answer for a fly fishers jig. Cast or flipped under docks or into snags and downed trees then pop back out, or jig thru shoreline grass and timber to get into the tight holding fish.


Schmidt's Foxee Bastard

-Red fox tail

-Tan medium chenille

-Tan hen hackle or schlapen

-Opal Mirage Flash

-Optional copper bead head or lead wraps

This is one of 'my patterns' that I tie as a catch all and have been successful catching many different species, both warmwater and coldwater, on this pattern. Easy to tie and with great movement in the water you can vary the retrieve style to imitate anything from a craw to a hellgrammite to a baitfish. If I had to chose one warmwater streamer to be the only one I could fish from this point on, then this pattern would definitely be on of a handful to get consideration due to it's versatility.