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The Fly Fish Ohio Review Rating System

The Fly Fish Ohio team is pleased to introduce a new graphical and numeric rating scheme.  This system will make comparing various products easy. The more flies awarded to a product, the better it is!  We will have the fly "icons" at the beginning of every product review.  You can tell at a glance what we think of the gear in question - from a 1-Fly "Avoid This One" to a 5-Fly "Must Have" - we aren't keeping any secrets.



I'd Rather Play Golf

If looked at generously, this gear can barely be considered better than no gear at all.  In the hands of a beginner it will likely have them signing up for golf lessons and giving up fishing for ever.


Marginally Acceptable

A useable product, this isn't something you'll want to own for long.  It will work out for a while, but you're better off saving your money for something that embodies Quality with a capital "Q".  Not necessarily recommended.


A Solid Performer

This product delivers the goods without frills.  A Three-Fly designation means you'll definitely get your money's worth.  It’s a fine tool that you can use, but you might harbor a curiosity about “what could have been”.  Recommended with slight reservations and balanced against cost.  A good value.


Exceptional Quality

 Aesthetics and parts quality may be more utilitarian than luxury, but not necessarily.  At this level performance doesn’t suffer in the least.  You could live with this without complaint.  Highly recommended and an excellent choice.


Absolutely Outstanding!

As good as it gets!  Regardless of price, this is a product that epitomizes performance. There's just nothing to complain about and nothing more to want.  A lifetime product that sets a benchmark for all that will follow..


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