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The Goblin - A Reader Contribution

Courtesy of David Clunk



I typically cast this for Steelhead using a 10 7wt rod with a sink tip line. Cast & allow it to get down in the water column depending on current. Strip in quick motions & or jerk to increase movement. Im sure it would work for big Browns, Large & Smallmouth Bass.


Materials List

Thread: 6/0 Olive Uni-Thread
Hook: Size 2 to 1/0 Mustad Signature Series Salmon SL73UBLN, or a 80500BL. This can also be tied on a Tube with Junction Tubing & a small rear hook
Tail: Olive Marabou Plume (2) with 30lb. Mono Foul Guard Loop
Body: Hareline Large Crystal Hackle in Olive-Brown
Flash: Crystal Ice Blue, Pearl Sparkle, Copper & Red Flashabou
Collar: Mallard Flank
Head: Ice Peacock Dubbing, or use Australian Possum
Weight: Painted (red) Lead Eyes or Light Copper Plastic Bead Chain (if bead chain is used then add .025-.030 non-lead wire around most of the hook shank)
Head Cement: Hard-as-Nails

With the hook firmly in the vise place the Lead Eyes near the hook eye, but leave room so as not to crowd the eye. Figure 8 wrap thread around Eyes & hook shank to secure & add Head Cement. (If Bead Chain Eyes are used, like in the photo, tie in the same way & also wrap most of the straight portion of the shank with Non-Lead wire. Wrap thread over & around the Non-Lead wire while building thread ramps at each end. Add Head Cement.)

Cut about a 4-6 piece of 30lb Mono. Form a Loop back beyond hook bend, about 1/2, or so, long. Use thread to attach the Mono on each side of the Hook shank. Tied down Mono should be parallel with the Hook shank. Wrap thoroughly & Cement. Make sure that once this is secured that you take the thread back to the very edge of the loop, lift the loop up & run several wraps underneath the loop. This will help to hold it up. (Tier can substitute zap-a-gap if desired, or other super glue. Havent had it come loose yet with Hard-as-nails.)

Tie in Marabou to form tail. Wrap/bind down the Marabou around the hook shank just over 1/2 way up to 2/3s up the hook shank. It should be trimmed at the same location as the ends of the Mono & Non-Lead. Grab Marabou tail & twist to make it kind-of rope like. Using your Whip Finish tool reach thru the loop from underneath & grab the rope. Pull it thru the loop.

Tie in Large Crystal Hackle by the tip. Palmer forward using tight consecutive wraps, while using the other hand to stroke back the fibers after each wrap. Stop at the end point of the Marabou. Take a Velcro Tool, or Dubbing Brush to fully comb back the Hackle fibers before continuing.

Tie in about 10 Strands of Crystal Blue & Pearl Sparkle Flashabou on each side/top with loose wraps. Spread them out slightly before tightening thread wraps.Follow that with 5-10 Strands of Copper & Red on top side only. Trim off excess just beyond the Marabou tail. Add Head Cement at Flashabou tie-in point.

Tie in Mallard Flank by the tip after stroking the feather back. Wrap around shank stroking the feather back a few times to build Collar. Tie off & trim.

Tie in Peacock Ice Dub using a Dubbing Loop & Dubbing Wax. Build whatever sized head desired with figure 8 wraps around Eyes, or build bigger water-pushing head with several clumps of Possum fur. Do not remove the underfur from Possum. Cut it off at the skin & tie in with tips pointing back & with several good tight wraps. Use your hand & pull the material back & bring the thread in front. This helps to make the Head a little more massive & causes good water movement. Use a Velcro Tool, or Dubbing Brush to tease out the Dubbing.

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