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"Why should we be in such desperate haste to succeed, and in such desperate enterprises? If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer." - Henry David Thoreau

The People, Politics and Practice of the the Sport


Adventures In Fly Fishing!

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Fly fishing is so much more than "just" a sport.  For many it is a philosophy, an obsession, a religion... maybe even a business.  Our new audio series "Adventures in Fly Fishing" will bring you news, interviews, discussions and explorations of the art and the industry.  Each month we'll dig into the headlines, the controversy and the contemporary issues that will affect angling and anglers now and in the future. We'll feature the movers and the shakers of the sport fishing industry, both domestic and international.  From fly shop owners to government officials, we're working to illuminate the machinations behind a sport that generates billions of dollars and touches the lives of millions of enthusiasts.  It's a brand new feature from the team that brought you Adventures in Fly Tying, the noted monthly fly tying video Podcast! 


Uncle Homer Circle and Glen Lau

It's hard to put into words exactly how much of an impact these men have had on the sport of angling.  Glen Lau's amazing talent for capturing images, both underwater and above, have set an near impossible benchmark for those who dare to follow.  Uncle Homer Circle embodies the very fabric of what it means to be a sport fisherman.  Join us for this amazing hour with these legends of the sport!

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A Chat With Chris Helm

With 30+ years experience in tying and his extensive knowledge of fly tying materials, Chris is known throughout the USA and Europe for his expertise in all aspects of tying. Chris is the acknowledged master of spun deer hair. Chris has lectured and taught at about every major fly tying eventand he's considered the ultimate reference for all types of tying techniques and materials. We were delighted to spend an afternoon entranced with Chris' knowledge, hospitality and enthusiasm for the sport of fly fishing.

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Ohio's Native Brook Trout Project

Brook trout colonized Ohio's Lake Erie tributary streams following the retreat of the Wisconsin glacier some 10,000 years ago.  100 years ago their range was limited to 2 Ohio streams. 20 years ago they were thought to be completely lost to history. Today there are 10 streams supporting self sustaining populations of Ohio native brook trout.  Fly Fish Ohio talks with the ODW folks who are responsible for bringing this beautiful fish back from the edge of extinction!

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Simon Gawesworth

Simon Gawesworth is one of the world's finest fly casters.  He is on the Board of Governors and the Two-Handed Casting Board of the Federation of Fly Fishers.  He is the author of Spey Casting (Stackpole Books ISBN 978-0-8117-0268-3) and has produced a fistful of casting videos as well as contributing uncounted articles to the sporting lexicon.  If you've got an interest in two-handed casting techniques for fresh or salt water, you need to listen to this interview.  There is more information in this one hour show than you'll find in three years worth of magazine articles!

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Al & Gretchen Beatty

Al and Gretchen Beatty are fly tying's "first couple". Commercial fly tiers, the Beatty’s are also prolific writers. They wrote the book Innovative Flies & Techniques, and co-authored the Federation of Fly Fishers Fly Pattern Encyclopedia with Jim Schollmeyer. The Beatty's also write a regular column for the Federation of Fly Fishers quarterly publication Fly Fisher Magazine. Both are regular demonstrators at the Federation of Fly Fishers Conclaves and for the International Sportsman Exposition video theater. They are sought after program speakers for clubs, councils, and national organizations. Their newest book is Rotary Fly-Tying Techniques: Understanding the Potential of Your Rotary Fly-Tying Vise.

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Walt Reynolds on Lake Okeechobee

Walt Reynolds is an expert on black bass.  He's fished in some of the world's most competitive bass tournaments for more than three decades.  He lives on Florida's Lake Okeechobee and gives us a unique insight on what that great body of water can offer the intrepid long-rodder!  If you go south for vacation you need to listen to this show!


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Dave and Emily Whitlock

Dave and Emily Whitlock need no introduction.  They run a successful fishing school from their home in the Ozark region of Oklahoma.  Dave's art and writing appear regularly in many fly-fishing and sport publications such as Fly Fisherman Magazine, Fly Fishing and Tying Journal, Trout Magazine, In-Fisherman and Field & Stream. He's written four books: Dave Whitlock's Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods, the L.L. Bean Fly Fishing Handbook, the L.L. Bean Bass Fly Fishing Handbook and Imitating and Fishing Natural Fish Foods for Lefty's Little Library.


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Mike Durkalec - Cleveland Metroparks

Mike Durkalec is head of the fisheries and aquatic research programs at Cleveland Metroparks.  He holds a B.S. in Biology from Baldwin-Wallace College and an M.S. degree in Fisheries Management from the Ohio State University. Mike worked as a scientist in the environmental testing and consulting industries on aquatic related issues, as well as in the fishing industry. Mike was formerly a five-state Midwest area representative for the Montana Fly Company and was the featured expert in the “Centerpin 101” DVD. Mike was recently honored as “2007 Conservationist of the Year” by the local county soil and water conservation district.  Join us as we discuss the Rocky River and all the latest steelhead news!


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 Jerry Darkes, Outdoor Writer and Ohio Guide

Jerry Darkes is a fly tackle sales rep, instructor/guide, and writer based in northern OH. He has over 4 decades of fly fishing experience in both fresh and saltwater and is recognized as an expert on Great Lakes steelhead and warmwater fly fishing. He is also a member of the Scott Fly Rod Pro Staff.

Darkes has been featured in several books and video/DVD productions about Great Lakes fly fishing and has authored numerous articles about the region. He is also a well-known fly tyer and has created a series of Guide Patterns instructional fly tying DVDs focusing on Great Lakes steelhead and other gamefish.

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Eugene Braig, F.T. Stone Laboratory

Eugene Braig is the Assistant Director of the F.T. Stone Research Laboratory, located on the shores of Lake Erie.  The Stone Lab provides the critical data and research used by government officials to create management and use plans for Lake Erie and the surrounding waters.  Stone Lab is also a learning center, training many of our future environmental scientists.  From invasive species to steelhead stocking, Eugene knows the score.  If you plan on fishing Lake Erie you owe it to yourself to listen to this fascinating interview.  From what's wrong with the system to what's right with it, we cover all the issues!

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Joe Starinchak, US Fish & Wildlife Service

Joe Starinchak is the Outreach Coordinator for the US Fish & Wildlife Service.  Joe is also with the national Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force. He developed the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! program and a similar campaign with the pet and aquarium industry known as Habitattitude.  Joe is currently working with the pharmaceutical industry on a new campaign to promote the environmentally responsible disposal of excess medications.  We talked to Joe about the serious problem of invasive species and its effect on our native and managed fisheries.

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 Robert Ramsay and AFFTA

Robert Ramsay is a tough guy to pin down.  He moves at light speed, shaking hands and smoothing roads.  Robert is the President of the American Fly Fishing Trade Association, an industry group whose mission is "To promote the sustainable growth of fly fishing as an industry."  Politics is at the core of every human endeavor, and the sport of fly fishing is no different.  From fly line weight standards to consumer shows to trade shows, AFFTA is the organization behind the business.  As President, Robert is both emissary and leader.  We talked  about such diverse issues as "The Movie" and women in the sport.  Don't miss this very special inaugural installment of Adventures in Fly Fishing!

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More Great Guests Coming Soon...


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