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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler."

─ Henry David Thoreau


Species and Techniques

Fly Tying and Lure Making

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The Faces of Our Sport


Species and Techniques


Alternative Fly Rod Tactics - There are things you may not consider throwing with a fly rod.  The kick is that many of these alternative fly rod baits are far more "traditional" than you thought!  A fly rod is a versatile tool, explore the alternatives! (Will open in a new window, this article resides on a different site.)


Big Hare Tactics for Autumn Bronze - Late in the year, and then again early in the year, nothing produces like big baits.  The Double Bunny is a great solution


It's a Buggy World! - Bass Bugging is closer than you think.  Once a big black bass explodes on your topwater, you'll be hooked deeper than the fish!


A Calico Time of Year - A primer and a place to begin consideration of serious systems for sac-a-lait.  The crappie is certainly one of the most popular fish in this country.  Papermouth... meet the fly rod!


The Crayfish of Ohio - Dave Votaw contributes yet another important article that gives us insight and understanding of the natural world around us. Think you know what you need to know about crayfish? Read this article and you'll think again!


Creek Smallies Year Round - Dave Votaw shares a full year's worth of smallmouth wisdom and three generation's of passionate black bass pursuit.


Cyprinus carpio – Invasive species? -
Dave Votaw tells the tale of the carp's amazing journey and its fascinating survival in North America!

Fishing the Well Curve - What could statistical distribution, bell curves and inverse bell curves possibly have to do with improving one's fishing skills?  Here is a new way of thinking about fly size and prey imitation.


Fly Rod Spoons, Spinners and Plugs - It's only heresy if you don't know the history of the sport! Take a look at what's hot in fly fishing today... and yesterday! (Will open in a new window, this article resides on a different site.)


A Fool for Bluegill! - If bluegills lived in cold running water, Trout Unlimited would have 31 members!  Make no mistake, bluegills can be tough, discriminating customers.  Once every year they oblige, though.


Hot Times are for Gar - Mark Blauvelt on Ohio's most under-rated game fish!  They've been here for millions of years.  Have you managed to land one?


Name That Sunfish! - Dave Votaw introduces us to the dozen most likely species of sunfish we might encounter in our local flows.


Ohio's Redfish - You do know the redfish of saltwater was considered a "trash" fish until an enterprising chef decided to blacken it? What reputation would the sheephead would have if it had been the main ingredient?


Playing in the Minors - If you haven't tried for a Golden Bonefish on a fly, make this the season to give it a try. If you think of carp as a "warm up" for more glamorous species you might just be humbled to find that the minor league is every bit as tough as the big show!


The Perfect Fish - Joe Cornwall shares his thoughts about the strongest, toughest, baddest fish in fresh water.  Are you ready for the challenge?


The McKinley Shad - Ohio's own tarpon!  A few times a year I lose my mind and become completely obsessed with shad fishing.


Piscatorial Opportunity - Fly fishing for "rough" fish?  It's all good!


Secondary Skills - Mark Blauvelt shares some secrets and sets us on the right path to learn the important things in angling!


Tailwater Catfish - Mark Blauvelt shares Ohio catfish-on-a-fly secrets!


Technical Wading, Your Guide To Success - Mark Blauvelt is back with some hard-earned advice to get the most out of your time on, and in, the water!


Fly Tying and Lure Making


Adventures in Fly Tying - The Internet's First  Fly Tying Video Podcast! - Featuring step-by-step photos with clear instructions, each monthly featured fly also offers a video in Windows Media or QuickTime that you can download!


A Party of Blondes!  The Most Detailed and In-Depth Look At Joe Brooks' Blonde Ever Published on the Internet. 


The Cat's Meow -  Ron McAlpin fishes Guadalupe, Smallmouth and Largemouth in Texas. This is his "Go To" fly!


Flies for the Philosophical Angler -"Irony is the hygiene of the mind." This Irony is a great fly for trout, bluegill, bass and panfish. And the irony of it is that you won't find the materials at any fly shop! 


Fly Tying Vise Shootout Review - Which fly tying vise under $150 is REALLY the hot deal?  We'll let you know as we round up nearly two dozen contenders!  This is the most comprehensive review of its type ever published!


Hand Carving Plugs - Dick Dailey and the lost art of hand carving plugs!   This makes tying flies look positively easy.  Yet we're told it's not as hard as it looks. Learn tricks from a master!


Heavy Metal Hairy Spyder - The Heavy Metal Hairy Spyder is a new take on an old friend. With this pattern in my trout fly box In three colors I could comfortably carry no other pattern.


Joe's RootBeer Roundhead - A Fly Fish Ohio exclusive, this is a perfect jig to carry onto any Midwestern smallmouth stream.


A Tribute to Mary Orvis Marbury

Classic Bass Flies of the 19th Century - Tiers from around the country came together to submit examples of some of the most beautiful and uniquely American flies, the classic bass fly!  Don't miss this introduction to some of the most productive flies in our arsenal! (Will open in a new window, this article resides on a different site.)

Tackle and Gear


A Piece of the Action - Jim Stuard reviews a new TL Johnson 7-foot 4-wieght glass fly rod by one of the most innovative builders in the industry. 


A Question of Balance - In our tools, in our culture and in our spirituality (and even in our checkbooks) we are most comfortable when we’ve attained balance.


A Question of Balance, Part 2 - If you want to get the most out of your tackle investment you need to assemble a rod, reel and line SYSTEM that is balanced for your needs.


Amazing Glass! - A "new" glass rod that is four decades old!  Don't miss this Fly Fish Ohio exclusive story!


Bulletproof Glass - Fiberglass Fly Rods meet the 21st Century!  Did we move on too quickly?


Diamonds, Sylk & Satisfaction -

The Diamondback Diamondglass 6' 6" 3 weight fly rod and Cortland Sylk fly line - a review


Defying Gravity  The Orvis Zero G -

Joe Cornwall takes on the top rod from the biggest name in the industry.  Is it all it's cracked up to be?  Read the review!


Furled Fluorocarbon -Yesterday meets today in a valuable new melding of technology and tradition!


The Pflueger Medalist, My Lifelong Relationship - It's a reel you can really depend on.


Malibu eXtreme - Joe Cornwall falls in love with a SoT.  Could this be the perfect fishing machine?


One Man's Boat Bag - A review of a high-quality, yet inexpensive, tackle solution.


Saving Our History - Ed Vanover shares his thoughts about family, fly fishing, and an indefinable connection with the history of the sport


Thinking Out of the Box - Joe Cornwall reviews the unique Readi-Lure tackle box from Tackle Tech.


Understanding Leaders - Change your leader and you might just change your luck.  That little bit of mono is more important than you think. (Will open in a new window, this article resides on a different site.)


Western Thinking - Fiberglass  fly rods meet the 21st Century at the TL Johnson Rod Company. Join Joe Cornwall as he puts the new glass through its paces and interviews Terry Johnson for he inside scoop!  A Fly Fish Ohio exclusive!




Fly Box Porn

Fly Box Porn 1  - Mike Schmidt's Smallie Box - No self-respecting fly fisher can resist a chance to poke around in someone else's fly boxes


Fly Box Porn 2 - John Ridderbos' Popper Box - Fly fishing voyeurism at its best!


Fly Box Porn 3 - Joe Cornwall's Smallie Dry Fly Box - When the weather warms use these flies for them ole brown fish


Fly Box Porn 4 - Tom Gribble's Steelhead Fly Box - You'll need a chrome-plated heart to handle the excitement these big trout dish out!


Fly Box Porn 5 - Cameron Sweats the Small Stuff - The world is a different place when you gaze at life in a macro mode. Cameron Mortenson knows this fact intimately. Cameron fishes for trout, sometimes very big trout, with flies that start at size 20 and go down from there. It's a rarified and specialized world!


Fly Box Porn 6 - Bob Petti Shares Smallie Snacks - Smallmouth Bass are one of the most challenging and satisfying of all the warm water species.  Bob Petti has collected a group of patterns guaranteed to increase our success!


Fly Box Porn 7 - Day Tripper's Steelhead Selection - Alex Cervaniak is a fly fishing blogger, publisher of the Day Tripper blog.  He is also one of the new generation of fanatics who've embraced technology to find out where the action is and where it isn't. A resident of "upstate" New York, the action is often closer to Alex than to most of us!


Where To Go


Adirondack Treasure - Bill Rogers shares the colors of autumn, a collision of foliage and fat trout.  Each season is only so long, so let's celebrate the coming of spring with memories of past delights and anticipation of coming wonders...


Alcohol, Tobacco and Zen - Jim Stuard shows us that having friends is good, but having a friend with cabin on a world-class fishery is better. He's getting away from it all in Michigan.


American Casting Association 99th Nationals - Join the Fly Fish Ohio team for a close look at tournament casting.  It's the other side of the angling coin!


The Best $20 I Ever Spent - Family vacations are just that; opportunities to get out and have fun with the wife and kids. On a vacation to St. Simons Island, GA, Jim Stuard didn’t expect to do a whole lot of fishing, but some very interesting opportunities arose that made the whole experience very enjoyable.


Conneaut Steel - A Pictorial - Jim Stuard and Mark Blauvelt pursue Ohio chrome.


2006 Fly Fishing Retailer World Trade Show - Part One


2006 Fly Fishing Retailer World Trade Show - Part Two


2007 Fly Fishing Retailer Trade Show - Show Me The Glitter and Sing Me The Groove!


A Bit of Paradise!  A look at Florida's stunning Little Big Econ River! - Joe Cornwall meets up with Jerry Goldsmith for a unique Florida experience.


Fun in Fergus Falls - Stories from the land of Lake Wobegon.  Fergus Falls is a small "city" in north-central Minnesota.  It is, without doubt, my "home away from home".


Getting There -  Jim Stuard finds his way to Dix Creek, KY


Little Three Mile Creek - An introduction to Ohio River winter fishing!  Join us at the fabled "Warm Water Discharge."


Miami Conservancy District Maps - Get a free waterproof map of the Great Miami River, Stillwater River and Mad River.


The Meldahl Lock and Dam - The Ohio River?  Undiscovered?  Only by fly fishermen!


Prowling the Everglades - Captain Bill knows there is something special about the 10,000 Islands in the Florida Everglades.


The River Avon - Christopher Knox brings us this glimpse of the birthplace of the Pheasant Tail Nymph and adds fuel to the fire of this editor's angling dreams!


Dave Votaw Explains VHS - Viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) is a deadly infectious fish disease caused by the Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV, or VHSv). It afflicts over 50 species of freshwater and marine fish in several parts of the northern hemisphere




Books and Media


Warmwater Fly-Fishing - Rob Streeter isn't new to fly fishing, but his book is new to the Fly Fish Ohio library! There's a lot of good stuff between the covers of this delightful little tome!


Woolly Wisdom - Joe Cornwall decides the difference in flies is primarily how they dress for success in this review of Gary Soucie's book.

The Storyteller’s Voice - Joe Cornwall finds much to enjoy in this review of William Tapply’s new book Trout Eyes

Match The Hatch, For Real - The New Kaufman Guide To Insects of North America will make you a better fisherman.  Remember the excitement of sixth grade science class?  It's back!

BASS! - Dave Votaw gives us the lowdown on a great book from Shady Oak Press that promises "Proven Strategies, Skills & Secrets for Catching More and Bigger Largemouth Bass."  That sounds like secrets worth knowing!

Clouser's Flies - Joe Cornwall reviews a new book by Bob Clouser - It's a "Must Have!"


Dapping, The Exciting Way of Fishing Flies that Fly, Quiver and Jump - Jim Stuard reviews a new book on an ancient technique.  You probably haven't seen anyone fish this way before!


Digital Nature Photography - Jim Stuard reviews a unique e-book that can take your photography to the next level. Are paper books going the way of silver nitrate?

The Fishes of Ohio - Mark Blauvelt reviews Milton Trautman's magnum opus.  You need this book in your library if you are serious about Midwestern warmwater angling!

Tying and Fishing Soft Hackle Nymphs - Allen McGee's latest book is a sure thing. If you're not tying and fishing soft hackle flies you're missing grand action. Refine your technique and learn the subtle secrets for successfully fishing spiders!



The Faces of The Sport

Steve Rajeff, Casting Terminator - Joe Cornwall interviews the biggest name in competition casting.  Oh yeah, Steve's a heck of a fisherman, too.  And when he isn't fishing or winning National and International competitions he designs rods for G. Loomis!

Favorite Flies - An interview with Alec Stansell and a look at some of his "favorite flies" - classic bass and lake patterns that are mostly over 100 years old!


A Labor of Love, Buckeye Bait's Matt Frondorf - Here's a fellow who is as dedicated as they come... and he can fish like nobody's business!


The Quest - Mark Blauvelt dares us to take a journey that just might require more than a lifetime!



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