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The 2007 Fly Fishing Retailer Trade Show In Review

By Joe and Dee Cornwall

"In this business you either sink or swim or you don't." - David Smith

September 15 was just another hot, dry, sunny day in Cincinnati.  In fact, it wasn't all that different from the 70 days leading up to the mid-month weekend.  The never-ending drought and brutal summer conditions continued unabated.  In Denver the weather conditions were a little different, with clouds and a slight threat of rain (remember rain?).  The energy level was a bit different too, as thousands of folks prepared for the 2007 Fly Fishing Retailer trade show.  Whether new and controversial or boring and a bust, the Colorado Convention Center would be ground zero of our hobby (some would call it an obsession) for three days.  As it turns out, things were plenty interesting!


There are two sides to the FFR show.  On the one hand there's new stuff.  All kinds of new stuff.  Rods.  Reels.  Waders.  Books. Magazines.  Clothing.  Going to this show is like being set free in the world's biggest fly shop!  On the other hand there are seminars and meetings where the challenges of the industry are defined and the direction is set for future growth.  It's not hard to find Podcasts and articles telling you all about the stuff.  But trying to find out what is happening on the business side is a bit more challenging.  It seems to be an unspoken rule that we just don't talk about the business of this business.  It might be a dangerous stance to take, but that rule doesn't apply to Fly Fish Ohio!  This web site exists to share our observations, thoughts and experiences with you, the reader.  And that is just what will happen in this article.


There are two parts to this feature overview.  One part will feature a menu of all the new stuff you can expect to see in the coming year.  There is plenty to talk about and you'll be delighted with the coverage.  The other part will bring you the substance of the seminars, meetings and dealer round-table discussions.  As an angler, this is your industry. It exists to serve your needs and it lives or dies because of your passion.  Covering this side of the industry might make a few industry insiders uncomfortable and, we'll say it right now, it's written through the lens of our own interpretation.   That makes it an editorial.  Neither Dee nor I are journalists and we've never claimed to be.  We're passionate anglers, just like you.  So fasten your seat belt and stow your tray table, we are about to take off.  Just click below to decide on your destination and please enjoy your flight...


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