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Mystic M273-2


Score  4.45


7'3", 2-Piece, MSRP $349.99, AA  65, ERN  3.62



Mystic M273-2 (7'3" 2pc) Paul Jeremy Jim Joe Composite Score
1.)  Rod Tube, Sock and Presentation 5 4 4 4 4.25
2.)  Grip and Reel Seat 5 4 5 4 4.5
3.)  Hook Keeper, Label and Rod Markings 5 4 5 5 4.75
4.)  Guides, Ferrules and Tip-Top 5 4 5 4 4.5
5.)  Short Distance Casting 5 4 4 5 4.5
6.)  Medium and Long Distance Casting 4 5 5 4 4.5
7.)  Roll Casting 4 4 4 4 4
8.)  Accuracy and Delicacy of Fly Delivery 5 5 4 5 4.75
9.)  Fish Handling 4 5 4 4 4.25
10.)  Reviewer's Prerogative 5 4 5 4 4.5
Composite Score 4.70 4.30 4.50 4.30 4.45


Jim Stuard's Comments:  What the Hardy rods are to the British aesthetic in rod design, The Mystic does for the Yanks. Itís got the classiest reel seat/grip combination in the shootout. The understated charcoal painted blank belies a very versatile rod. While not a true 2wt (few of the rods, 7í and over are), I really liked the way it cast and delivered a fly. Fish felt good. Not feeling the gill plates, like the St. Croix Legend Ultra, but still good. Scared the heck out of me when I hooked the other bass I caught fishing these rods. Plenty of butt strength there to fight bigger fish and swing streamers on heavier lines. Definitely one of my top five rods in the shootout.


Joe Cornwall's Comments:  I really liked this fly rod and I can see it becoming a favorite for delivering small flies to spooky fish.  It's a superb casting tool that's light in the hand with a comfortable grip.  The Bass Pro UL reel balances just on the index finger, so don't go any heavier than the 2.9 ounces of that reel fully loaded or you'll end up with a balance point too far back on the grip.  This rod loved the WF3 line as much as it did the DT2.  When you're pushing this one for distance, remember to let the rod do the work or you'll end up with a tailing loop.  It has outstanding feel during even short casts and is smooth as silk throughout its range.  Craftsmanship is the equal of anything in this shoot-out. Clearly the folks at Mystic were targeting the next class up as their competitors and it shows - before you drop $500 on an ultra-light fly rod make sure to take a very, very close look at the Mystic. It's a great blending of style, quality and feel!


Jeremy Kurtz's Comments: This rod is nicely appointed. A good quality reel seat with a burled maple insert, and a super grade cork grip. The guides and wraps are well done too. This rod has a medium fast action for all around use. It casts well with both 2wt and 3wt lines. I felt it performed best for me with the WF3F. This rod can get some distance, and 50 feet is no issue. One can handle larger fish with this rod as well; it has a bit of backbone.  But it's not overly stiff. The rod comes with a nice carbon fiber rod tube, and a rod sock.


Paul Feldman's Comments: This rod raises the bar for packaging, marking, and workmanship. It comes in a black graphite rod tube with the rod length and weight marked on the cap. The rod length and weight are also marked on the rod butt and in very fine script adjacent to both the male and female ferrule, which is a feature I have never seen on a rod before. The grip is very high quality and the reel seat is a beautiful walnut burl. The appearance of this rod reeks of quality and is the equal of any rod I have ever seen!  The rod is also delightful to fish with. Itís a beautiful, very accurate short-range rod, which also handled a long line very well. It was pretty good at roll casting and has plenty of strength in the butt for fighting big fish. This is a rod I just might have to have!


Manufacturer's Comments:

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